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	to install solar panels in Coventry

Installing solar panels throughout Coventry

Solar panels can turn sunlight into electricity, and provide you with a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of generating your own electricity.

Sunlight is a clean and renewable source of power. Harnessing it via solar panels provides free energy without damaging the environment.

Get Eco Sparky to install solar panels for you, and you can generate electricity to power your own lights and electrical appliances for free. AND you’ll get paid for all the energy you produce, even the energy you use!

The payments that you’ll receive for this energy are guaranteed for 20 years, are index linked and are tax free. Solar panels could be an excellent way for you to generate some income, especially in a time when the interest payments on savings are so low.

If you want to save money, and do your bit to help save the planet, call Coventry based Eco Sparky today on 024 7671 5860.


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